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Optex Ivision+ Wireless Video Door Intercom With Portable Colour Monitor


Optex Ivision+ Wireless Video Door Intercom With Portable Colour Monitor


The new Optex Ivision+ is an expandable, fully wireless video intercom that lets you see who is at the door and answer it from anywhere in your home or small business.  When someone presses the call button on the door station, the portable unit will chime to let you know, and the LCD screen will automatically turn on so you can see who's there. 

Built-in automatic night vision LEDs let the unit work well in both day and night.  Wireless = simple and flexible installation. 

When the front door button is pressed, the Ivision+ will automatically capture multiple date/time stamped still images of who is at the door, even if you don't answer.  You can view these images later on the hand held, or connect it to your PC with a USB cable to download the images.  Up to 500 images can be stored.  If the front door station is AC powered, the intercom user can also take a still picture maually any time.

The hand held unit has built-in colour LCD screen and rechargeable batteries that automatically charge when it's in the base cradle.  The front door station can be battery powered for up to one year between changes, so it's simple to install.  Or if you can run wires you can power it with an optional 10-24V for battery-free simplicity.  Often the existing doorbell power supply and wiring can be used for this purpose.

The IVision+ system can be expanded by adding a second door station (part# IVP-DU), and up to 3 additional inside stations (part# IV-HU) for total coverage.    A gateway unit is expected in 2015Q1 (IVP-GU) that will be used to connect the door station to a door strike for remote release, or to add a TD20U wireless motion sensor to the system to enable it to take pictures automatically when motion is sensed (requires door station to be powered by wire, not battery for this function) 

Optex Ivision+ Wireless Intercom Features:

  • Wireless range up to 300 feet, line of site.   **
  • Camera viewing angle 59 degrees, plus can be adjusted another +- 15 degrees
  • Digital voice/image transmission for quality and security
  • Front door station has audio and video capability with adjustable camera angle
  • Front door station can run on 3 AA batteries (not included) for up to a year, or can be powered by 10-24V AC or DC - often the same power supply that was used for the existing doorbell.
  • Built in automatic night vision infrared LEDs for pitch black video
  • Wireless portable intercom with 2.4 inch LCD screen and built-in rechargeable batteries
  • Still images captured when the front door button is pressed
  • Up to 500 images can be stored
  • Images can be downloaded to a PC using a micro USB cable (not included)
  • If front door is AC powered, the intercom user can remotely take a still image even BEFORE the button is pressed at the front door
  • Portable unit charges when placed in the base station (included)
  • Expandable to cover 2 doors by adding IVP-DU
  • Expandable to up to 4 inside intercoms by adding IVP-HU
  • Door station rated to -20C and is splash proof.

** Note:  Line of site rating is without any interference or obstructions.   As with ALL wireless products, walls, floors and RF interference will decrease wireless range.  Metal objects including metal siding will block wireless signals.

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