Industry Solutions

What is Zenwire services and How Does it Work?

Zenwire is a technology and security solutions provider that specializes in the installation of security equipment to improve the security of various commercial institutions. Zenwire interacts with several organizations, including Midwest Property Managements Hans Professional Center and Canadian Security Association (CANASA), to assure safety in rental housing and enterprises, respectively, with a focus on employee and consumer security.



The Importance of Security in Rental Housing

Midwest Property Managements understands the significance of security in rental housing. With Zenwire's expertise, they can offer their tenants a safe and secure environment. At Ascot Arm one of Midwest Properties, Zenwire implemented a moderns intercom system and FOB security systems, including surveillance cameras and access control systems. These measures not only protect the tenants but also deter potential criminals, ensuring peace of mind for everyone.



Enhancing Business Safety with Zenwire

Hans Professional Center recognizes the importance of providing businesses with the safety they deserve. Zenwire collaborates with them to implement the HIKVISION 8 MP 180° PanoVu Network Camera, a robust security solutions tailored to their specific needs. By utilizing Zenwire's expertise, Hans Professional Center can safeguard their premises and assets. This ensures a secure working environment for employees and instills confidence in clients and partners.



Ensuring Safety with Zenwire: By the Numbers

Zenwire's commitment to safety is evident in the numbers:

  • Over 10 years of experience in the industry
  • Implemented security solutions in 50+ commercial institutions
  • Customer satisfaction rate, 4.8 star 
  • Reduced security incidents by 50% on average


Zenwire is the go-to technology and security solutions company for commercial institutions. By partnering with organizations like Midwest Property Managements and Hans Professional Center, Zenwire ensures the safety of employees, customers, and businesses. With their expertise and commitment to excellence, Zenwire provides peace of mind and a secure environment for all.