CCTV Monitoring

CCTV Monitoring


    Zenwire Monitoring  

                      Shifting its emphasis from reactive to proactive monitoring
    Zenwire, in addition to camera installation, provides several types of monitors to assure your safety. Until recently, video surveillance was a reactive method of dealing with theft. Something is taken, camera footage is analyzed, and the lengthy process of attempting to retrieve the stolen merchandise begins. Check out the range of video monitoring services and get in touch with Zenwire for more information and to make a booking
    We watch cameras live, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, quickly alerting the appropriate authorities if a crime is likely to occur or is already in progress.

    Crime has increased significantly in the last five years, owing partly to our economy. Today's society is dominated by social media, and the simplicity of locating someone who has committed a crime has improved as a result of internet postings. The Police are overwhelmed with complaints, and one that includes a video recording will help the Police close the book on crime.

    Zenwire LIVE Video Monitoring makes financial sense:
    • Lowers Insurance premiums
    • Increases Life Safety
    • More Cost Effective than a Guard Service
    • Immediate action as the Operators are watching the site live
    • Quicker Response as the Police now have a Verified alarm
    • We have analytics that help the operators stay focused and in tuned to the sites activity
    • Utilizing a LIVE feed, we are the eyes to support and supplement your current security infrastructure.


    Safety Is Key - Your employee’s & business depend on it

    Zenwire Video Monitoring operators are trained to spot unusual behavior. If employees are stocking shelves or running to the stock room, we will keep an eye out for theft. We are here to defend not only your employees, but also your company.

    Worksites -  under development are always at risk. Often, construction sites lack the necessary security to prevent theft or damage, leading to cost overruns and delays. But theft and damage are usually minor inconveniences. With an exposed work site comes additional hazards, including the risk of fire. With the use of both smoke detection sensors and cameras, Zenwire Video Monitoring can identify fire in its infancy, and before it does considerable damage.

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