Build your system.

Building a Zenwire System is easy.  Simply use the navigation Menu at the top and follow it across.  You can build your Lighting system, Sound system, Security system, and your Automation system.

Start with "Systems" - choose what kind of system you want (Sight, Sound, Security, Automation)

Next, choose your "Accessories" - Add to the System you have chosen to complete your set up.

Lastly, choose your "Services" - You lead a busy life, let us help you by professionally installing it.

- If you chose a Zenwire Sight System, you may want to have help getting your light switches installed.

- If you chose a Zenwire Sound System, we can help you set it up and calibrate it.  We are Sonos authorized dealers and take advanced training to optimize Sonos products.

- If you chose a Zenwire Security System, let our experienced alarm installers come out and install it.

- If you chose a Zenwire Automation System, we have experienced universal remote programmers to help you configure your new system.