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Zenwire now lives on Shopify!

Peter Lau

After some long discussions, we've decided to move our website to Shopify! We are happy to partner with a fellow Canadian company and look forward to a smoother experience for our customers.

Additionally, you will notice a change in our services and products. While we still love technology, we are going to evolve into a personal service company. Every purchase from Zenwire will be hand-delivered to you by our highly trained Zen Masters, who will show you how to use your new purchase.

If you bought a Sonos product, a Zen Master trained in the art of Sonos will deliver it to you with a tutorial on its use. Even after the meeting, you can still send your Zen Master an email for some further questions.

Bought a clothing item from one of our fashion partners? We have Zen Masters who love the latest fashions. During your meeting, they will explain the products' qualities and even help you with your ensemble if you like.

At Zenwire, our focus is your customer experience. Think green, think Zenwire!