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Sonos Boost


Sonos Boost

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Sonos Boost: Unparalleled wireless reliability

Experience the best wireless music system on earth, hand-delivered to you with a complete tutorial on how to optimize your music experience with Sonos.

Our Zen Master service is $49 which includes hand-delivery and up to 1 hour of instruction/installation.

Got a boost already but you want to know how to use it better? Our Zen Masters can make house calls for $99 and meet with you to help you out.

Just want the product? Already a Sonos guru? Visit our showroom and you can buy it in person and bring it home to experience on your own.

For the Ultimate boost Demo Visit our showroom in Edmonton, Alberta!

  • No skips, delays or drops even in homes with wireless problems
  • Comparable broadcast strength to expensive enterprise-grade routers
  • Offers complete, 360-degree signals through walls and ceilings
  • Neutralises network interference from other wireless devices

Direct Online sales for Sonos are prohibited in Canada. Please add to Quote and we will contact you to arrange delivery and payment, or call our friendly store staff atí«í_1-877-ZENWIRE.

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